Eric Vander Wal

Online Educator

Eric Vander Wal is the co-founder of beTCM Productions, an online education company focused on the place where technology and chinese medicine and culture intersect.

He has been involved in online education professionally for more than a decade and Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) for even longer. Eric remains passionate about online education and the opportunities it affords virtually anyone in the world to better themselves through self-determination.

Chinese Medicine and Language

Eric Vander Wal is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine graduate of ICTCMV in Vancouver Canada, Shiatsu Practitioner from Langara College and spent more than 5 years studying internal medicine at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China. He has pursed multiple medical internships and residencies throughout asia.

He continues to reside is east asia to study and practice chinese medicine while spending free time to work on pre-modern Chinese language translations into English.

Online Education and Technology

Eric Vander Wal has worked in the online education field for more than a decade primarily leveraging the Drupal CMS to achieve his goals of using dynamic and responsive technology to support interactive education.

He has developed dozens of large scale community and interactive websites and worked as an editor and consultant on hundreds of online courses to date.