Ericka Richardson

aka Coach Ericka

I am a Certified Life and Business Coach, as well as a Business Consultant. I specialize in teaching Business Basics.

After speaking with too many new and struggling entrepreneurs, I realized that they were stuck in their business because they didn't have many of the key elements in place, to start or GROW their business.

I employ my 30+ years of education, training and hands-on business experience to help drastically cut your learning time down to a fraction!

I have a deep passion for learning how to GROW personally and professionally. I then teach others to do the same. 

Through 1-on-1 and group coaching, I'm able to identify where a client's business brand needs strengthening.

I use all of the case studies, I encounter, to enhance your online learning experience, while taking one of my courses.

This is the best tried and true method, in my opinion. It's the same method I've been using for 20+ years!

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