Eric Golanty Ph.D.

Professor of Health and Wellness and book author

I am a college professor of Health and Wellness and an author.  I have been teaching at the college level for many years.  A student once asked me, "Do you like teaching health?"  I responded, "Yes.  I like it very much.  When I was in college I was planning to go to medical school.  Then, one day, I wondered if it would be possible to teach people to remain healthy so they wouldn't have to go to doctors so often.  That seemed more logical to me than going to med school and taking care of people who were already sick, so I became a health guy."

I have a BA in biochemistry from UC Berkeley, an M.S. In biochemistry from UC San Francisco, and a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies from UC Davis.  I have taught at UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and Las Positas College.  My books include Health and Wellness (with Gordon Edlin, Ph.D.), Human Sexuality:  The Basics (with Gordon Edlin Ph.D.) and First Aid for Sports Injuries (with Stanley H. Inkelis, M.D.).  More at