Eric Earle

Writer, Speaker, Fitness Guru

My name's Eric Earle. I'm a certified personal trainer (CPT), a certified corrective exercise specialist (CES), and a certified TRX trainer. I've helped hundreds of clients lose weight, look fit, and live long—ultimately reaching their DreamBody. My clients keep their weight off because I teach them fundamentals and philosophy—as well as basics and advice. My passion is fitness. I love to see how fitness can ripple out and change every aspect of a person's life.

I've had clients who have changed their fitness, which in turn led to more energy, a happier marriage, a promotion at work, a new house, paid off debt, investments, etc.

Science shows that if we focus on one habit, we can change our entire life. I choose to focus on fitness.

I know you don't have to, but why might you consider trying my course?