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For over 20 years, Eric Bailey has been considering just this. Now, he is glad to inform you that not only is it a possibility, but a reality. And the time for it to become a reality in the lives of young people is now. The Graduate 2 Gr8tness program is a new, online program aimed exclusively at teenagers, developed by motivational speaker and life coach Eric Bailey. Born and raised in the infamous South Central district of Los Angeles, Eric overcame the hardships he lived through daily in such an environment to go on and play college basketball in his native USA, before moving to Australia in 1982 to play professional basketball in the NBL. Since retiring, Eric has become a much sought-after motivational speaker in educational institutions, inspiring young people Australia-wide to turn their lives around and realise their true potential. Eric has also spoken as a guest at international events, alongside people including John Howard (former Prime Minister), Richard Branson (founder of Virgin) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (former Mr Universe, Hollywood actor and Governor of California).

Over the past two decades, Eric has spoken in front of more than 3 million people across hundreds of schools, youth organisations and universities Australia-wide. As a result, Eric has motivated countless young people to become energised, take control of their lives and get active in pursuing their dreams.

-Eric has been Endorsed by the Queensland Education Department

- Attained status as a Certified Speaking Professional (a qualification held by less than 10% of speakers worldwide)

- Collected hundreds of testimonials from students, parents, teachers and even principals.

“Until this morning I had no idea what inspiration and motivation was…Your speech was simply perfectly matched to our grade…Everyone was talking about you during break and there wasn't a single word of negativity" – James, Indooroopilly State High School, Qld.

A note to advise and thank you, my youngest son is a student at St Teresa's Catholic college and saw your presentation at the school yesterday, afterwards you spoke to him one on one and I just wanted to let you know how important this moment was for him. It was, for him, a personal epiphany. As a relative stranger in a short conversationyou were able to make a connection with him that ignited a spirit within him that his father and I have been trying to light for the past 3 years. He finds it hard to articulate to me the actual reasons for this but he is convinced that it was you personally that made the difference, he said that if he heard the same words you spoke uttered from me, or a hundred different people he said it would not have had the same effect as the effect that you had. Although he has had our loving parental support and the 'not so loving'( but usual) familial support of two older siblings he has had not had the easiest of childhoods. This has been for various reasons which include bullying, an eating disorder and diagnosed OCD. School life for my young man is an ongoing struggle and after yesterday I think both he and I both see light at the end of what as seemed a very dim tunnel. I am not sure if you are able to offer any ongoing advice or support or whether in fact he will require this I just wanted you to know how worthwhile your contact with my son has been. Yours faithfully Alison Fisk

His presentation is engaging, as he reaches the students on their level, and uses humour, real life and serious messages together to create an atmosphere of serious funJennifer Adams, Clairvaux Mackillop College

Eric before you came today I felt like I was stupid and couldn't do any better, because I received a bad mark on a test a took last term, but with your speech, you have really helped me to never give up and give 100%, 24/7. You have seriously impacted me today (in a good way) and I will continue to remember your words through-out life. I thank-you again. God Bless,Joseph Allanson

Dear Eric, I wanted to once again thank you for presenting on behalf of Griffith University at our recent Logan Information Evening. Once again we are grateful that you were available and willing to assist. I believe the higher attendance at this year's event was due to your inclusion on our program.

As you know the audience was quite diverse incorporating not only secondary school students and their families, but also potential adult learners and both academic and professional Griffith staff. The feedback I received was fantastic and I felt extremely proud and pleased to have organised and promoted your involvement. I applaud your professionalism, sincerity and humour. I also acknowledge your amazing ability to read and engage an audience, no matter whom that audience comprises. I personally have enjoyed and been motivated and inspired by your stories and unique messages; but more than that, I especially enjoy witnessing the reaction, interaction, joy and awe of those listening to you.

Robyn Wells GradCertComn JP(Qual) Marketing & Communications OfficerHead of Campus (Logan) Deputy Vice Chancellor and Provost, Griffith University

Hey I don't know if this was the email address you were talking about today after your presentation but I'm that girl who never gets any mail and is dyyying for a signed basketball from you :) What you said to me really changed me today. Until now I had been really slacking off with my schoolwork and stuff and I get down because sometimes I don't think I have a future just like you once thought. But from now on until the end of year I'm really going to do my best and stop slacking off in class and with assignments. I just thought you should know how much of an impact you made on me today and I won't ever forget you! Thank you so much!! Pete

Hey Eric! Its Kristen Tait!

You came to my school today and talked to me and my sister afterwards. I just wanted to tell you that it was great seeing you today, after seeing you at the hair biz forum as well. hopefully it is not the last time that we meet.


From Kristen:):)

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