Erica Hansen

Erica Hansen is an artist and ecologist, currently working in Southern Italy. The previous two were spent as an artist-in-residence at The Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD. She completed her BFA at the Maine College of Art in 2000, with a double major in painting and sculpture. In 2008, she completed her MA in Arts and Education at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She is currently pursuing a practice based PhD through the Socially and Ecologically Engaged Practice.

She describes her approach to art making as an investigation of shared human experience through immediate subject matter and materials. Erica describes herself as a spectator, a scientist, and a sieve. Her work is a conversation between herself, her audience, and the world as a usable substance.

Erica has worked as a holistic educator and arts program coordinator for 15 years. She specializes in cross-discipline collaboration and 21st century art-making practices. Currently, she has focused on wilderness art education and ornithological studies as they apply to at-risk student populations.

Her current body of work examines visible, invisible and psychological structures of human culture in relation to bird culture. Working primarily in photo, video and sculpture she creates visual experiments that exist in between physical space, mythological history, and personal desire.

"Art objects are temporal marks on the landscape, indicative of our impact, but also our minuteness in the history of the earth."

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