Eric Michael Roberts

Worship Musician Coach and Digital Marketer

I'm a musician and creative serial-entrepreneur. I started my company, Studio 43, LLC in 1999 and I focus on Christian worship tutorials and digital marketing. My motto is Creativity Crossing Boundaries. I believe if you want to succeed and live the life you love, you have to be creative and you have to challenge the status quo. I've been doing it for years as an independent business owner and music/publisher. I have launched and currently own several publishing companies and have personally written books on worship guitar and piano, piano technology, local marketing and have published other works for authors on various topics. I started teaching guitar online over a decade ago and was on the cutting edge of the online music learning format. In my local area I have built a successful piano tuning service business and I helped other local business owners rise from obscurity success in their local niche using my low cost online marketing strategies.

My Udemy courses cover the topics I am passionate about and helps me share my experiences with you!

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