Eric Andrews

Finance & Analytics Professional

My name is Eric Andrews and I’m excited that you’re reading my profile! I want you to be confident that I can provide the fastest and most industry-relevant training there is, so here is my background.

Finance Background

Professionally, I’m a senior financial analyst and business intelligence consultant with over 5 years of experience in the finance, technology and education industries. In my most recent role, I’ve been running financial planning & analysis at iD Tech, a Silicon Valley-based startup with 125+ employees, but prior to that worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch & Hewlett Packard.

I’ve built my career on my ability to develop technical expertise in software very quickly (I developed power-user skills in Excel in 3 weeks) to analyze data and automate processes.

In my course you will notice straight away how I use my real-life experience to guide students through realistic example-based lessons. I’m also passionate about public speaking, and regularly present to the Board of Directors of iD Tech.


The main thing I want you to know is that I’m incredibly enthusiastic about attacking data sets and business questions with Microsoft Excel and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!

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