Erez Cohen

I always wanted to fulfill dreams

My name is Erez Cohen from Israel, 43 years old
 Single and open to suggestions.
Tell also shortly on a chain of sad life and hope

.To improve in the near future, who knows?
All my life I lived with my parents and elders are trying to help them

To live in dignity and about.
I have worked 25 years ago, after high school, as a Messenger on a bicycle But after an accident on the road had to stop And look for another job.
I found after a few months and it was Carpenter, job

But not even with time learned professionals
Interesting and intriguing and started

To apply what you learn.
I have worked in this profession for about 10 years, but had to stop

Because I had a family trauma.
And then looking for ways to generate revenue and

 This information and more in other areas who knows I can help others.
For example: external power wire connection without an electrician and not Kenya.
It's important for me to succeed in life and to benefit from it.
Thank you for attention.
Hope to see you in my classes.

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