Enzo Bonvino

Civil Engineer

Hi! I'm Enzo. I'm a Civil Engineer since 2003.

I'm passionate about sharing knowledge on airports, roads and transports sector in general. My professional activity relates to laboratory tests applied to road surfaces, airports, scientific research on the behavior of civil wide-body jet, such as the calculation of the Airbus A380 takeoff spaces.

I'm co-author of some aviation books, in Italian (La pista di volo, L'età dei Jet), and some publications in English. My professional activities also concern airport studies, starting, first in 2004 at the international level, the interaction between the airport paved structures (runway, taxyway, apron), and the landing gear of the A380 Superjumbo.

I worked on analysis of the conditions of compatibility and limitation of wind turbines in relation to the boundary surfacaces of the obstacles and airport operation zones.

Thanks to the PhD program, I focus my training in the field, proposing models of demand for passenger air transport, assessing whether the performance with the DEA method, and accessibility.

Computer skills: Office, CAD, GIS, FEM, HTML, FTP