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Co-Founders of Enjoy Elite Exercise

We love helping people change their lives and enjoy life! Through fitness and nutrition, we're here to help you make a difference and be your happiest, healthiest and most enjoyable self!

Our Story

Hi, I'm George, co-founder of Enjoy Elite Exercise. It all began when I started training with fitness coach Elinos a few years ago.

I'd been in and out of gyms for the last 15 years, lifting weights, running endlessly on treadmills, participating in cardio classes, but never felt in the best shape of my life until I started training with Elinos.

I instantly became fascinated with the unique way he trained me and the rest of his clients. He has this way of keeping it fresh, exciting and challenging so you always get a full body workout in less than 7 minutes.

So one day I simply approached him and said “How about we share this experience and help as many people as possible?" Enjoy Elite Exercise was born.

Who we are

Elinos is a certified fitness coach and personal trainer since 2007. After 4 years of solid personal training experience in New York, he has quickly become a leading fitness personality in Cyprus.

George is a successful business entrepreneur, web developer and fitness coach, and together we aim to help as many people as possible be their happiest, healthiest and most enjoyable selves.

Born and raised Greek Cypriots, we created Enjoy Elite Exercise, because we wanted to establish a unique online fitness program that everyone could follow week after week, anywhere, anytime.

We designed our fitness program to be achievable by any fitness level, with exercises that can be done anywhere just by following our workout videos.

About Enjoy Elite Exercise

Enjoy Elite Exercise is all about training smart and eating more of the right kind of foods. How? Our way is simple:

#1 We don't care where you came from, only where you're going (#EnjoyLife)

The past is just that: the past. As long as you are up for it, we are here to guide you every step of the way to achieve your goal in a healthy way and enjoy life!

#2. No diets, only healthy eating habits (#EliteNutrition)

None of this “dieting for one month" and then going back to the way things were. We guide you with healthy meals and teach you lifestyle eating habits that you can keep for life.

#3. We exercise because it's fun (#ExerciseOften)

We designed our fitness program to be do able by any fitness level, with exercises that can be done anywhere, just by following our workout videos. From the privacy and comfort of your home, to your hotel room, our workouts travel with you and require very little space, so you don't have to worry about driving to the gym and waiting for an available machine.

Life is too short.

Ready to join our family? Shape up and become the best version of you by enrolling as soon as you can.

Your health is invaluable. Take care of it while you can.

Enjoy Life!