Instructor: Takashi Kawatani

Global Management Consultant

President, Diversity Management Institute Inc.

*Conducting training and research in crosscultural management and leadership in Asia Pacific, US, Europe and Japan. A pioneer of crosscultural training for Japanese companies in Asia. Awarded Strategic Leadership Award from World HRD Congress (2011).

*Lived in Malaysia for 16.5 years. Formerly, lecturer at Sanno Institute of Management, research associate at Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia, special advisor to Japan Overseas Enterprises Association, international advisor to Overseas Vocational Training Association (Beijing branch), head of Look East Policy returnees' survey commissioned by Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

*Former host of FM radio show “Crosscultural Seminar for Business People" in Singapore for 4 years. Management seminar lecturer for Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Singapore since 1988 to date.

*Publications: Communication Handbook for Malaysian and Japanese Managers (ISIS Malaysia), Working in Asia: Crosscultural Management Guide (PHP Institute), Managing in English (Nikkei), Multicultural Team Building (Revic Global), Working Together (Ask), Foundation & Application of Global Leadership (Sanno University).

about English Station

English Station is an educational content provider with long experience in producing e-learning content and specializes in offering high quality English learning videos for Japanese learners.

English Station works with famous English learning specialists in Japan including lecturer who is active on the NHK's (Japan Broadcasting Corporation; the biggest broadcasting station in Japan) English learning TV and radio program, authors of bestselling English learning books and professors of prestigious universities.

Through the instructional designed materials provided by prominent English learning professionals, the courses of English Station are not only easy to understand for Japanese learners, but are also effective and efficient for learners to enhance their ability in a short period of time.


グローバルマネジメント・コンサルタント / 株式会社ダイバーシティマネジメント研究所 代表取締役

アジア太平洋全域(中国~ASEAN~インド)、欧米、日本で異文化マネジメントやリーダーシップの調査研究と講演、研修を、多国籍の受講者に対して日英語で行う。アジア日系企業への異文化マネジメント研修の第一人者。世界人材開発会議(ムンバイ)より Strategic Leadership Award 受賞(2011年)。Fielding Graduate University (School of Human & Organizational Development) 博士課程中退。1992年より16年半、マレーシア在住。(学)産能大学・国際部講師、マレーシア戦略国際問題研究所・日本研究センター客員研究員等を経て現職。日本在外企業協会・在外特別アドバイザー、海外職業訓練協会北京事務所・国際アドバイザー、国際協力銀行委託「ルックイースト政策帰国者動向調査」主査、歴任。シンガポール日本商工会議所マネジメントセミナー出講は1998年以来現在も継続中。著書「ワーキング・トゥゲザー」(アスク)、「グローバルリーダーシップの基礎・実践」(産能大学)他、寄稿・論文多数。

English Stationについて

English Station は有名講師によるビジネス英語の講座を提供いたします。ビジネス現場で仕事を動かしていくためには、単なる会話力以上の英語力を身につけることが必要です。English Station は英語現場でも堂々と自分を主張し、相手と理解しあえる本当の英語力を身につけたい人にお勧めです。

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