Instructor: Sakurako Oshima

President, Office bi.i, Tokyo Japan

English instructor/interpreter/translator

Sakuroko Oshima is a very famous as an author of English study books in Japan. She has already written a lot of books for Japanese learners and the sale of the book of e-mail writing is especially strong among them.

She is also teaching general English conversation to business people, university students, and housewives.

about English Station

English Station is an educational content provider with long experience in producing e-learning content and specializes in offering high quality English learning videos for Japanese learners.

English Station works with famous English learning specialists in Japan including lecturer who is active on the NHK's (Japan Broadcasting Corporation; the biggest broadcasting station in Japan) English learning TV and radio program, authors of bestselling English learning books and professors of prestigious universities.

Through the instructional designed materials provided by prominent English learning professionals, the courses of English Station are not only easy to understand for Japanese learners, but are also effective and efficient for learners to enhance their ability in a short period of time.

English Stationについて

English Station は有名講師によるビジネス英語の講座を提供いたします。ビジネス現場で仕事を動かしていくためには、単なる会話力以上の英語力を身につけることが必要です。English Station は英語現場でも堂々と自分を主張し、相手と理解しあえる本当の英語力を身につけたい人にお勧めです。

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