Emmet Kelly

Amazon & CreateSpace Book Publisher, Online Entrepreneur

Hi my name is Emmet. I am a Amazon Book Publisher and have been for the past four years. Working for myself as online publisher led me to developing skills in order to help market myself and the products I was selling.


Without doubt learning the skill of creating a successful blog had the biggest impact on my career to date. Blogging has become the core of my marketing and all the other social platforms are used only to promote this base even further. The power of a blog that gains an audience who return on a regular basis or become part of your email list because of a blog promotion is a very powerful thing.


The reason for creating this course was bred from the frustration I found when I started on my road to creating a blog. I found there was so many gaps that was needed to fill and when I was confident that I could provide a blueprint to succeed it would be selfish not to share it with someone who is looking to start their road to creating a blog and blogging.


I have got myself to a position where I am able to live financially free and that has stemmed from a lot of hard work to get there. It is now my ambition to share any knowledge I have learned to help someone else who is looking to do the same. I want to help shorten the learning curve and provide a product that I wish I had when I was starting out.


The process of creating this course has been so enjoyable and I plan to provide more helpful guides to help create a comprehensive package for someone looking to become a successful online entrepreneur.

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