Emma Davies


Combining 10 years as a professional photographer with a postgraduate degree in education, I teach photography like no-one else. My courses include exactly what you need to know (nothing more, nothing less). I teach you how to build on your existing knowledge and move step by step to your current goal.

I started my career as a lawyer, and spent 15 years practising banking law. A true multi-potentialite, as soon as I left the City to look after my kids, I immediately retrained and ran a successful portrait photography studio. I have added food and product photography to my portfolio over the years, and now specialise in commercial and fine art flower photography.

Knowing that I wanted to teach, and not prepared to teach badly, I invested 2 years completing a masters degree in education. I learnt how to teach online, how to take advantage of each learner's individual levels of motivation, and how to teach a single subject to students with a range of learning styles.

I'm based in Surrey in the UK, and alongside my photography studio I teach in-person workshops to florists and flower artists. I also run photography workshops for the UK's National Trust, a body set up in 1895 to preserve the UK's heritage and open spaces.