Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh

Consultant & Co-Founder at Mindful Cannabis Consulting

Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh, PhD is the Co-founder and Lead Consultant at Mindful Cannabis Consulting, where she consults with patients interested in utilizing cannabis as a natural medicine. Emily has a doctorate in the philosophy of science and with an expertise in the science of happiness and well-being. Utilizing her own experience as a cannabis patient and her doctoral training, she’s developed several tools to help patients with the complex task of finding the right strains and methods of intake for their particular symptoms and biochemistry. 

As someone who has struggled with multiple chronic pain disorders for the majority of her life, Emily has seen first hand both the benefits of medical marijuana and the challenges of navigating the complex world of being a medical marijuana patient. While she had originally been treated with a variety of addictive pharmaceutical medications that came with dangerous side effects like seizures, liver damage, and possible birth defects in future children, Emily has been able to safely withdrawal off these medications with the help of medical cannabis. Now through meditation and medical cannabis, she is able to manage her conditions without pharmaceutical intervention.

Emily is dedicated to raising the bar of the cannabis experience from individual education to dispensary environment, and offers consultations and educational services to patients, dispensaries, and industry organizations.

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