Emerson Lira Espínola

Pitch Coach

Have you ever noticed that developers start coding their ideas instead of thinking how to sale it? I help entrepreneurs to better craft their pitches, not only WHAT to speak but HOW to speak, so that their sales speeches are compelling, concise and powerful.

The best part is that being a developer, I understand the lack of interest in sales speeches versus the anxiety to implement his/her idea.

Having several customers demanding projects in several technologies, and getting a master degree in AI... all of this let me say that: I know what developers feel. And because I know that, I can't stand letting them fall in the same pitfall over and over again. Which pitfall? Ignoring the sales speech of what they are doing, of the value they are providing, no matter if it's inside their companies (the companies that they work for) or starting their own businesses, no matter if it's to get a raise or raise my from investors.

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