Mrs. Ellen Reaves

Gerontologist & Caregiver Strategist

I started Caregiving Strategies to make a difference, inform and guide caregivers to understand that the journey does not have to be hard. It will always be challenging, emotionally draining, uncertain but there are ways to plan for the future and make smarter decisions every step of the way. The consulting services and workshops that I provide are a way to stimulate the conversation around caregiving, answer all your questions, help you prepare a care plan for your loved one, provide useful tools and resources for those that attend. I believe it was Rosalyn Carter who said that ”there are only four types of people, those that are currently a caregiver, those that used to be a caregiver, those that will be a caregiver and those that will need a caregiver”. I have been in all four roles!

My relevant career background includes spending 12+ years working in social service agencies assisting frail seniors and their families to access benefits and community programs. In terms of my education, I earned my Certification in Gerontology, received my Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University in Health Administration and also have a Master’s Degree in Non-profit/HR from Fairleigh Dickinson University. I am a Caregiver Consultant, Public Speaker and Trainer on this and other topics.

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