Ellen Mann

Life & Business Transitioning Coach & Mentor

Ellen’s mantra to ‘Honor Yourself First’ is based on her personal journey from total self depletion towards self completion after a lifetime of being a care-giver to others. To truly serve others, one must first serve oneself! "Get your oxygen mask on first!"

“The game changers for me”, says Ellen, “was first giving myself permission to start becoming my own best friend and then, by using tools like The Passion Test, digging deeper to uncover what was really most important to me and what was really feeding my soul. Do I still have ups and downs in my life? Absolutely! But I feel so much more alive and filled with grace and peace!”

“There are so many women my age out there going to bed at night totally exhausted and waking up without that spring of excitement based on someone else’s idea of what their life “should” be. Imagine what our life and our family’s life would be like if “momma was really happy”, living life with gusto!”

Ellen has teamed up with fellow transition coach, Tina Baker, to package what they have learned and experienced through their own transition from corporate into the next phase or chapter of their lives. Through their coaching business, ROYAL Transitioning, Tina and Ellen help other professional women to "smooth the move" by rediscovering their unique essence, passion and purpose, clarifying the legacy they desire to leave and equipping them to experience the rest of their amazing lives.

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