Xavier Tafoya


I have 20 years retail experience. I started as a cashier/sales associate while I was in college. Then quickly entered the company's manager in training program. After completion, I was made an assistant manager. After working in a department store for 5 years, I left to go to a specialized big box store. I worked there for 10 years as a store manager before leaving to pursue my dreams of being my own boss. I was tired of working 50 plus hours a week. Being salary, there seemed to be no more incentive to work additional hours while the company push to was always there. I was tired of having the looming cloud over my head that I could get a corporate visit any day, at any time because they of the corporate jet I helped pay for. I was tired of having no payroll for employees. I was tired. I was burnt out.


In 2000, I began selling on Amazon. At that time, I was selling CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and video games. I was always looking for the hard to find items to make more money and have higher profits.

My first sale on EBay came one year later, in 2001. On Ebay, I was selling everything that wasn't nailed down. I mainly sold makeup and cosmetics, fragrances and perfume, video game consoles and video games, and clothing. But I even sold a ton of vending machines. (Shipping that was a hassle.)

When I met my husband, we had tons of dreams of being entrepreneurs. We immediately began putting a ton of effort into selling on Ebay and Amazon while still full time employed in our current jobs. We spent our off hours scouring inventory and listing on line. I'd run to the post office during my lunch break and stop at UPS on my way home. I'd spend my days off looking for profitable inventory and even dragging my daughter along with me. (She's actually very good at being able to identify profit from all her trips with me.)

I finally quit my full time, guaranteed income, job in 2013. I have never looked back. My husband and I both sell online full time. We sell on multiple eCommerce sites, including Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Bonanza, Ecrater and more. We have trained and worked with other online sellers. This lifestyle business gives us the life we have always dreamed of together. We are able to spend our days together, while still being able to be there for our children.

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