Elizabeth Kochergin

Blogger, Videographer and Photographer

I started my very first blog almost five years ago while I was still studying at university. I felt the call to try and make a positive change in the community after creating a series of videos about climate change in my Media Arts Production course. It was with that that my blog, 'Project Seeds' was born!

Throughout the years of blogging, I have been able to team up with eco friendly brands and have their advertisements feature on my blog. I have also been able to team up with them to create sponsored posts and have been personally invited to enter video competitions about sustainability and change making from various organisations around the world. Most importantly, I have become a better writer being a blogger and have been able to share my passions with the world.

Since then, I have created several other blogs and am currently working on another blog, all about travelling, because like many people, I LOVE travelling.

I wasn't technical at all when I first created a blog and knew nothing about coding. It literally took me weeks to customise my first blog the way I wanted it to appear with lots of time spent trawling through online forums on how to change the simplest thing!

But that's the great thing about blogging, you can share who you are and what you love without being a high tech coder. You can also create great graphics and edit beautiful photos without being a designer.

I am a big believer of dreams and am always encouraging people around me to blog! It let's you be creative, share your story and have fun!