Elizabeth Benton

Fat Loss Nutrition Expert

I was not your typical child. I was overweight. Obese, even, at times. Yet I was completely obsessed with nutrition. I read and tried every single diet as a child, adolescent and young adult. I walked away from a college scholarship in Latin & Greek to pursue a degree in nutrition. I avidly studied biochemistry. I worked for a large hospital system developing obesity prevention program as an obese adult. I worked for a nutraceutical company developing and marketing dietary supplements for health and weight loss yet was unhealthy and well over 300 pounds. I was disciplined and motivated but unable to get control of my weight. That is, until I started to unlearn everything I learned in school and everything I had been told by diet programs and mainstream myths. I went back to the basics. I started to study hormones and learned that it's actually your hormones that determine whether you're burning fat or storing it. I started eating whole foods. I cut out processed foods and sugars. I began to listen to my body. I identified the hormonal signals our bodies send to us and paid close attention to them. I lost over 140 lbs without dieting, without being hungry, without feeling deprived and now I am helping others learn about the damage dieting causes and helping them find a better way. The way is based on ignoring the nuances that don't matter and focusing on the "big rocks" of fat loss and understanding that everyone's approach will and should be different because everyone's body is different.