Elisabetta Faenza

Maximizing Human Potential

Best selling author of The Energy Code, The Infidel and Veritas, Elisabetta L. Faenza is a dynamic and inspiring professional with more than 30 years experience as a performance expert; a substantive background in education, a commitment to expanding learning opportunities and a passion for working in a collaborative and team-oriented manner.

Throughout her career, Elisabetta's skill in translating complex scientific details into relatable and actionable information has helped thousands of individuals and countless companies set goals, launch new projects and turn around performance. Elisabetta utilizes her experience as a hypnotherapist, plus empirical, neuroscience and statistical analysis in providing data-driven and science based courses that maximize human potential.

“A key motivator, trainer and author in the field of productivity and performance, Elisabetta brings her love of science, her experience in the field and her down to earth common sense to every presentation or workshop." Matt Church, Founder Thought Leaders Global