Elio-David Di Iorio B.A.

Teaching Masterful Living

Elio-David Di Iorio is the founder of EnlightenedPerformance and creator of the Masterful Living series of teaching and training courses.

He is a futurist/generalist primarily focused on accelerating the shift of human consciousness out of the old paradigm of darkness/struggle/disempowerment and into the emerging paradigm of unlimited potential and infinite possibility.

Elio-David works with committed agents of change and leaders in this new era of empowerment, equality and well-being, to enable them to become examples of compassion-driven success.

He earned a B.A. Sociology from McMaster University in 1993. He has worked for a wide variety of companies in a wide variety of fields, and he was elected to public office in 2003.

He was born in Toronto, Canada where he lives with his wife Erin and daughter Hayley.

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