Elena Mutonono

Accent Stylist for Expats.

            Teaching English is my Profession, Purpose, and Passion. In the ten years of my work as a teacher it's never been boring or monotonous. Every lesson is a discovery. Every student is a new world. Every new professional summit is an impetus for this never-ending journey. 

Seven years ago I switched to teaching online, and since then I've gained invaluable experience and empowered over 100 students in a one-to-one format and over 1,000 subscribers. 

            My job is not only limited to teaching Grammar or Vocabulary. I am in the business of building up a new future for each of my individual students. 

  In the years of teaching I've helped my students to: 

Build up confidence speaking fluently over a very short period of time (as short as 4-6 months).

Understand spoken English as clearly as the written one.

Work on their accent to develop better speech clarity (using my own developed materials).

Take language proficiency tests, get promotions, go through immigration interviews, and land better jobs.

Learn how to continue maintaining their level of English independently (by offering retainer courses, advice via subscription and my personal blog).

            I have successfully taught and developed materials for Russian-speaking students for 5 years, and now I am ready to share my expertise with the rest of the world through my pronunciation and fluency courses. 

            I am also passionate about online education and teacherpreneurship and am always happy to connect with like-minded ESL professionals for mutual collaboration and learning. 

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