Dawn Sprong

Entrepreneur/success coach

Dawn Sprong, founder of Made as Intended, Inc., had to find out for herself why she had the nagging feeling she was missing the entire point of being alive. After 12 years in sports promotions and 15 years running a successful business, she withdrew from the rat race and went in search of what is possible.
After spending thousands of hours writing, studying, reading and meditating, a new life emerged. Dawn no longer feels that she is the person she once was owing to the fact that she has found joy by letting life work through her. This meant making every decision based on what her heart and instincts were telling her and ignoring pretty much everything she had been taught about life.
"This awareness opened up a new and committed level deep inside me, and my life changed. Suddenly, the world looked brighter, and I realized that being grateful was truly the way to live. It also paved the way for me to truly open my heart to the world, and make the difference I somehow always thought possible.
"I created the Blessing Bracelet two years ago and made them with my friend Heather for a couple of years, just as gifts for friends and neighbors. I attached a blessing message that I was inspired to write because I had experienced a profound shift in my own life and thinking. As I was struggling with some major life changes it came to me that life was a struggle in part because no matter what I had or what I asked for, it was never enough. I didn’t slow down enough to sit in appreciation of what I already had.
"To make a long journey a bit shorter, within a week after giving the Blessing Bracelets with the blessing messages to friends we had orders for 20, and in two weeks for 50. Now, two years later over 200,000 have circled the globe. We still make them in our living room, ship from our dining room, and continue to have our own field of dreams. Whoever said you can’t have fun where you work. Here at MAI Apparel we mix work with fun, animals, and an office environment that feels like a home. Oh, that’s right, it is our home!"

The success of MAI Apparel, the blessing bracelets, her home, marriage, and what she sees as every gift of life possible are actually the result of her retirement from chasing money and materialism. The truth for Dawn is to seek peace, happiness, and affluence, and to bring those same gifts to others. When you give—it comes back to you. You can have your heart’s desires. Finding the dream you were born into is a journey that is beyond what you are being told, what you are taught, or what you can even imagine.

Dawn's company "Made As Intended" is a conscious company. We decide what we do because of our intention, not because of popular opinion. We are a small community of like-minded people following the message of our hearts. We have a purpose—inspiring others to follow their heart, find their dreams, and create the world as they wish to see it. As a conscious company we hope to reflect that every choice we make affects others, from the products we buy to the prices we set. We do not propose telling anyone else what to do, we are conscious of what we do.

As part of our company mission that’s meant to inspire humankind to make a spirit-based shift of perspective, we adopt animals, and help people who need help. All these blessings are bringing more joy, fun and blessings to my family, and to everyone we come in contact with, and to me!

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