Elaine Hilides

Wellbeing Coach

Elaine has successfully worked as a Wellbeing Facilitator for the last 15 years helping people in the fields of anxiety, depression, addiction and weight loss, showing people how a simple understanding of where their feelings and experiences come from can transform their lives.

She has helped hundreds of clients get the life and body that they want. Elaine also has a no.1 weight loss book on Kindle, 'MindFullness:The No-Diet Diet Book'.

Elaine is a Three Principles Practitioner and Trainer, an International Speaker, a Diet and Nutrition Advisor and Raw Food Coach and her passion is sharing all that she knows with her clients to help them to be all they want to be.

MA, BA(Hons), MSNLP, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Diploma as Raw Food coach, TT3P

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