Egide Hirwa

Speedcuber and Memory Athlete

It's been 5 years since solved the Rubik's cube for the first time and now l can perform this feat in a matter of 15 seconds, The Rubik's cube being the most famous puzzle it's a shame that not many people are able to solve it quickly,There are many guides showing people how to solve it but none of them teach you a very fast method, so challenging myself to see if l could help achieve that goal l taught six of my close friends to solve it and they have now broken the 60 second barrier. l would like to show people that it is very easy to become part of the few Who can solve it in seconds.

Nowadays l attend official competitions where l meet other speedcubers and we share tips and tricks on how to effectively pass on what we have learned without spending the amount of time we did on the cube in the beginning because lectures were nowhere to be found. After realizing that not everyone is willing to put in the amount of time l did to perfect the skill, l have been gathering different ways and methods of facilitating the process and easing the learning experience, concentrating on the essentials of solving a Rubik's cube quickly.

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