Danny Baker

Author, life coach, world traveller, mental health advocate

Danny Baker is a 28 year old contemporary fiction author whose works tend to focus on love, relationships, mental health and travel. He’s currently published three books – the Amazon UK Top 100 bestseller I Will Not Kill Myself, Olivia, which explores how high school sweethearts Jimmy and Olivia try to hang on to love in the face of Jimmy’s mounting depression; the sequel I Just Want To Be Happy, Olivia; and the Amazon UK Top 100 and #1 international mental health bestseller Depression is a Liar, which is a memoir about Danny’s struggle and eventual triumph over depression.

Although originally from Sydney, Australia, Danny travels the world full-time while we writes his books. He spent the majority of 2016 in South America and Europe, and in 2017, will visit Central America and The Caribbean before moving to Poland to live with his girlfriend.

His future goals include to visit every country in the world, to hit the New York Times bestseller list, and to get married one day and have a family

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