Edward Lyles

Speaker / Author / Voice Actor / CEO

Edward Timothy Lyles is a fair leader & a team player with a sense of humor. A results-driven solution finder, well recognized for creative “box-less” thinking, with hands-on experience in a variety of areas including: business development strategy, information technology, and communications.

Featured on Wall Street at the New York Stock Exchange opening bell.

Accomplished with 40+ awards and honors from numerous institutions and organizations. Honored by the United States President for 400+ hours of dedicated community service.

Edward Timothy Lyles is a dynamic written, visual, and oral communicator with amazing interpersonal and relationship-building skills. Loves 90’s cartoons, hot tea, and long walks on the beach.

Edward Timothy Lyles has a burning for entrepreneurship. From humble beginnings selling candy to at eight years old, to ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, business has been at his core. Edward desires to build companies that teach others to achieve their dreams through entrepreneurship, self-reliance, positive thinking, and effective communication.

Edward is honored scholar and college graduate, business consultant, an award-winning speaker, talented voice actor, on-air radio personality, a featured member of a entrepreneurship reality TV show, and he was invited to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Today, as an individual with a modern day “renaissance spirit”, Edward is multi-talented and a self-taught polymath, armed with a diverse skillset and an ever-growing talent pool to aid him as he works with people and organizations that want to grow to the Next-Level. Edward is an avid reader and producer of knowledge – he is consistently training and upgrading himself.

To date, Edward has read over 300 books on personal and professional development and has absorbed hundreds of hours of additional material on success and achievement. Edward has gained a deep understanding of human psychology, personal and organizational development through study, as well as application as a mentor and community outreach leader and speaker.

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