Edward Aldama

Professional Development Coach | Author, The Success Habit Secret

Originally from California I now live in Phoenix Arizona, where I work with clients worldwide to develop winning action-plans for reaching their personal and professional goals.

My skills as an instructor, manager and administrator are well suited for today’s business environment. Drawing from real-world knowledge and experience to supplement course materials and student success. Most recently, I have been adjunct faculty with University of the Potomac teaching a variety of business courses since 2013.

I am a certified life and business coach, founder of the ABLE Institute for Self-Fulfillment, in Phoenix and author of the book, The Success Habit Secret: A 21 Day Success Program. Which was endorsed by a leader in the personal development arena, Dr. Denis Waitley, author of The Psychology of Winning.

The Seven Simple Steps of The Success Habit Secret are used with clients to walk them through a complete goal setting process. This process brings focus, fires up motivation, and creates an accelerated Action-Plan for goal achievement success.

My professional experience and background as a leader has always included continuous learning opportunities for myself and my staff through ongoing training, workshops, coaching and mentoring. In addition to the area of information technology my employment history includes warehouse management and logistics, high-tech equipment design in aerospace, computer technology implementation and customer support.

Now, as a business owner my experience includes marketing/sales, client relationship management, product development and online/internet delivery of training presentations and materials. As well as training and coaching in the personal development field.

While with the University of Phoenix I delivered policy and procedure training for staff, faculty and students across seven sites. As a life-long learner myself, I enjoy the transfer of knowledge through participating in give-and-take discussions, and use that approach with my workshop students.

As a communicator, coach, and parent, I appreciate the learning process and the attention needed to help the student realize their goal of a quality education. My natural facilitation style allows for a learning environment of discovery rather than mere lecture delivery. I am also a contributing writer for various websites and publications.

I received my training and certificate in Transformational Life Coaching from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, AZ, and a Business Coaching certificate from BusinessCoach.com in Sacramento CA. I also hold an MBA from Western International University and bachelor's degree from University of Phoenix .

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