Ed Stanfield

Copywriter, Inventor, Entreprener

During a 30 year career, I've been an entrepreneur, inventor, business executive, IT manager, copywriter, engineer, photo lab technician, printing pressman, machine tool operator and floor sweeper.

I'm a co-Inventor of multiple consumer products that have been commercialized and sold internationally.

I've held a job at practically every level of an organization from Global Entreprises to Small Businesses. One consistent thread was writing. Every job required extensive writing and that was the part of my job I loved the most.

I've written Sales and Marketing Materials, Direct Response Ads, Retail Packaging, Web / Blog, Business Briefs / Plans, Proposals, Press Releases, Patent Applications, Technical Spec and User Manuals.

I created a course on copywriting for people that aren't afraid of hard work, that want to learn fast, and don't have a lot of time to sit around listening to long lectures.

In short, this is the type of course I could have used years ago when I was trying to write better copy. I knew the document I produced met the word count requirement - that's easy. But, how do I know it is going to accomplish its purpose? How do I get into the head of the reader and know how they will react?

Does your schedule let you take a “time-out" to listen to 30 hours of lecture or read a few books on writing techniques? If not, this might be the place for you.

The objective of my course is to share the most valuable information as quickly as possible, and let you get back to work.

If all of this makes sense, you're probably the type of person that will benefit from my Learn to Write Good course.

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