Edgar Tomo

online entrepreneur, small business expert

I'm Edgar Tomo ,computer literate since 2010, I had been earning through the internet since then. I also have several experiences on making freelanced websites. My intensive research thought me on how to deal with several scammers that is all around the internet.

Since 2010 my intensive research to find legit money making websites had develop so much. And since then, more of my personal expenses had been paid using my internet business. It is a great opportunity to share to you all the things that I had learn from my past experiences.

I think many of you also experienced having your own research but didn't get any positive result, I also experienced same as that but now that I had discover and made my own online business, it would be a great pleasure to share it all with you.

The topics that I will be sharing to you is one of our expertise and I will teach you with the best that I can. Hopefully, you will learn great things from me.

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