Ed Preston

Grief & Trauma Specialist

Touched by grief and tragedy at an early age, I spent my most of my 20’s and early 30’s  either running away from my grief, trying to numb the pain, or desperately looking for solutions. From psychotherapy to hypnotherapy, and from Christian churches to shamanic ceremonies, I literally tried everything in my quest to understand and heal.

By the age of 45 that journey to heal myself had led me to helping others. I had become a
meditation teacher, life coach and the co-founder of a very successful retreat company with programs in Sedona, AZ and Maui, HI. But I kept coming back to grief, because it kept coming back to me, and eventually my passion to change cultural attitudes about bereavement lead me to focus all of my efforts in this area.

I also realized there was a desperate need for better grief education programs, as well as a need to certify individuals and organizations with designations less than a full licensure as "therapist" or "counselor" since most grief and trauma support groups are actually not led by licensed individuals in the United States. From that decades-long journey through incredible sorrows and back to profound joy The Grief & Trauma Resource Center was