Ed Leahy

Program Director

Ed Leahy, is the Director of the Omaha EITC Coalition. He is bilingual in English and Spanish, certified in Advanced, Military, International, Site Coordinator training, Intake and Interview training, and Cancellation of Debt and Health Savings Accounts tax law through IRS, and holds dual MA-M.Div. degrees. He is experienced in community organizing, immigration law, and asset development from over 20 years of experience in low-income communities in Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Omaha. Leahy is well-recognized for his cultural competency and customer services to the VITA customer and volunteer. He has a strong reputation as a quality teacher, public speaker, and community activist having served in Native American, African American, and Latino communities throughout the United States. He also worked as a Catholic priest for two years in Central America and Mexico. He oversees the training and coordination of volunteers, the VITA site and tax law compliance at all sites, and guides the day to day operations of the Coalition. Leahy works full-time with the VITA program year-round performing tax reviews, handling post-season concerns, developing and updating training and marketing materials, maintaining Coalition relationships, recruiting and training volunteers, and preparing for the following season.