Eric Liu

Graphic Designer, Video Producer, Curriculum Developer

My name's Eric Liu. I am a professional freelance artist, graphic designer, video producer, Senior Curriculum Developer and photographer with over 20+ years experience in advertising, illustration, graphic design, video production and digital publishing. I had studied traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy when I was a kid and benefit from all those skills that I mastered. 

I have seen so many people on the internet searching "how to draw a realistic dog step by step?" and "how to use MS paint?", so I develop this course and combine these two questions together in order to help people learn realistic digital drawing from Microsoft's basic drawing software. Although it is lightweight compared to Adobe's Photoshop, but it still has many advantages: Just a regular PC running windows 7, 8 or 10; A drawing tablet from $25-$100 according to the budget. That's enough for anyone to start learning and practicing digital drawing. 

Using my method and do some practice, everyone can draw a good picture. For those people who like coloring a book, this is also a good replacement, because it is more creative and fun.

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