Hey there, I am a freelance Android Developer and hobbyist involved in all parts of the Android ecosystem. My educational background is with the Art Institute of Vancouver: Visual and Game Programming and from there after, autodidactic.

I believe that the best way to learn is to have practical application with theory at the same time. This way allows for the fastest learning turnaround, while using both episodic and semantic memory. I enjoy teaching and learning with a systematic top down approach that emphasizes systems and patterns, and solid goals. For anyone looking to learn software engineering, Android provides a fully featured and documented environment.

Android topics that I have worked/understand include:
Intents and Intent Filters, Activities, Services, Content Providers, App Widgets, Processes and Threads, UI, UX, Graphics, Fragments, Concurrency, Operating System Architecture, Security, Permissions and Registration, DevOps, Continuous Integration Pipelines, Testing, Business of App Development, Deployment.

What I wish to emphasize in my lessons are core features that have high frequency of use, and the newest and most productive API releases. To succeed in the technology industry one must stay current. This however is a double edged sword; the software you use will be matured from the previous implementation but can also contain unforeseen bugs.

Success is earned by those who reach up and take it, engineer your life!

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