Dylan Jorgensen

Python Programmer, Comedian

I have been programming for over 10 years as a startup CTO, a freelancer and in a traditional 9-5 job setting. Most of my projects have been in the field of data science, but I've also worked on projects in areas of urban modeling, statistics and machine learning. 

My current passion lies in machine intelligence (A.I. as the movies call it). In 2017, I am diving head first into the world of online education to build a number of programming courses. They will span from introductory Python all the way up to neural networks in TensorFlow. 

I love the science of learning and pushing myself to learn faster using mnemonics and other discoveries in neuroscience. So to differentiate my teaching styles from others, I am planning all my educational series with a focus on these learning methods. 

I'm really excited to share my programming courses with you in 2017. I've always wanted to be a Neil deGrasse Tyson type at heart. :) So if you like Ex Machina, HBO’s Westworld or Wall-E, join me and let's destroy or save the world together!

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