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Being one of the most prevalent software programs on earth, it's no secret that the need for Excel expertise is tremendous. Spreadsheet Clinic (web link above) helps provide the support and training necessary for organizations and individuals to maximize their efficiency with their work in Excel.

This course is instructed by Dustin Schimek, who is the founder of Spreadsheet Clinic. Dustin has used Excel both personally and professionally in a range of capacities - from household planning to organizational budget development to revenue forecasting to regression modeling! He holds Microsoft Office Specialist-Expert certification in Excel 2010, and is an M.B.A. graduate with an undergrad degree in Economics.

As a former analyst and "go-to" Excel person in the corporate world - Dustin has provided training to professionals of varying skill levels. It's always been rewarding for him to witness the impact that just a few new Excel skills can bring to one's efficiency and effectiveness!

From Dustin's time in the professional world, he has seen first hand the additional value that those who invest in their Excel skills bring to the table. His goal is to create courses that will allow other professionals build on their Excel skills, which he knows can help set them apart in today's competitive work environments!

Course created by CSD Business Solutions LLC d/b/a Spreadsheet Clinic.

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