Dustin Riechmann

Founder of Engaged Marriage

Like most Family Leaders, Dustin Riechmann wears many hats. With two degrees in engineering, he loves leading a consulting team with seven figures of annual revenue while teaching graduate courses at a local university.

Dustin also has a passion for helping families. As the author of two books, a popular speaker and sought after personal coach, he invests his energies in two main projects online – Engaged Marriage and Fit Marriage. A devout Christian, Dustin also enjoys helping his local community through service organizations and church initiatives.

But Dustin’s most important role is that of Family Leader – as husband to Bethany for 12 years and Dad to three children under the age of eight. He does his best to lead through example by living a life he loves.

A teacher at heart, Dustin has a mission to help others find margin in their busy life and live intentionally.

Time to Thrive is a passion project that started with the desire to answer a question he hears nearly every day: “How can I have more time, especially high quality time for my family?

It has grown into a movement, empowering Family Leaders around the world to do more of what matters.

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