D R Zargle

GCSE and International GCSE Maths & Science Teacher

D R Zargle has been a Maths and Science teacher for over 30 years. First he taught in secondary schools in England, and now he is a teacher and a home tutor in New Zealand.

Since 2001, he has also been teaching maths online to thousands of students all over the world via his A Star Exam Answers and GCSE Maths Past Papers websites.

D R Zargle has a much-loved and impactful way of teaching which is called The Q & A method. His approach is based on the fact that the best preparation for taking an exam is by studying with past papers - practicing on your own and then comparing your answers with model answers. A model answer is a demonstration of exactly how a question should be answered. D R Zargle's model answers are detailed and easy-to-understand plus all the working out is shown.

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