Drucker Institute

We strengthen organizations to strengthen society.

The Drucker Institute is a social enterprise based at Claremont Graduate University.

Our mission is strengthening organizations to strengthen society.

Our programming—for the corporate, nonprofit and public sectors—is built on a foundation of YESTERDAY/TODAY/MONDAY*.

“Yesterday” refers to the fact that our work is grounded in Peter Drucker’s timeless wisdom. “Today” speaks to the urgency that we know organizational leaders feel to successfully meet their greatest challenges and opportunities. And “Monday” points to our proven ability to help executives move quickly from ideas to action to results, just as Drucker urged his own consulting clients: “Don’t tell me you had a wonderful meeting with me. Tell me what you’re going to do on Monday that’s different.”

Our Instructors:

Rick Wartzman is the Drucker Institute’s senior advisor. He has written about leadership and management for Businessweek, Forbes, Time, Harvard Business Review and others. A collection of his magazine columns, What Would Drucker Do Now?, was published by McGraw-Hill in 2011. Before joining the Drucker Institute, Rick worked for two decades as a reporter, editor and columnist at The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. He is the author of two acclaimed books of narrative history published by PublicAffairs—The King of California: J.G. Boswell and the Making of a Secret American Empire (2003) and Obscene in the Extreme: The Burning and Banning of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath (2008). You can follow Rick on Twitter @RWartzman.

Phalana Tiller is a senior program manager at the Drucker Institute. She produces video content for the digital magazine MONDAY*, helps to deliver Un-Workshops for executives and teaches the Drucker for Future Japanese Leaders program. Prior to her role at the Institute she served as a humanities teacher in the MacArthur Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, lobbied for welfare reform in Washington, D.C., developed curriculum in New York City and performed in various film, theater and television productions globally. Phalana received her B.A. in history and M.A. in teaching from the University of Virginia. You can follow Phalana on Twitter @PhalanaPhalana.

Lawrence Greenspun is a senior program developer and manager at the Drucker Institute. Lawrence created the Drucker Playbook for the Public Sector and spearheads its marketing and delivery. He arrived at the Institute with a background in education and community service as well as freelance writing and editing. As a teacher, Lawrence spent more than two decades in public, private, and religious school systems, serving in roles ranging from first grade teacher to principal of a Hebrew high school and junior college. More than 20 years ago, Lawrence integrated community service within the educational programs at his school, and he worked extensively with City Year and the Penn-Edison Partnership in Philadelphia. As the director of Main Line Writing & Educational Services (later La Jolla Literary Services), Lawrence assisted academics, entrepreneurs, professionals, and students with their writing and editing needs. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in religious studies, he served a stint on the Philadelphia Eagles media relations staff before embarking on his career in education. Lawrence co-teaches a graduate course on leadership at the University of Notre Dame’s ESTEEM program and served on the Education Advisory Board for BizWorld, a nonprofit that engages elementary and middle school students in hands-on entrepreneurial experiences. You can reach Lawrence by email at Lawrence.Greenspun@cgu.edu.

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