Dr. Richard Williams

Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru, Entrepreneur

My name is Richard Williams, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you my story about how i started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school, i was sitting there bored and hating it like i was learning nothing so i started to skip school and go to work online i tried to make it online like thousands of time and never worked with me

i really hated math and i didn't care biology or physics at all... I felt like being in jail...laterally one day that's week then a week in school is like a years in jail

all i wanted to do is to really drop school and start my own business and live the Bill Gates lifestyle But i simply didn't know where to start

i spent all the money i have that was thousands of dollars on shiny marketing courses so i learned all kind of marketing techniques and applied all of them suffered from very common phenomena i was having information overload and one day i looked at my bank account and it was zero dollars that day i knew that every thing i know is useless so i thought about suicide i was so desperate and sad i couldn't believe that all of my dreams will never happened my dream house, my dream car, my dream wife and now i don't even have a house to live in after i couldn't pay the rent for my small apartment

so i started to work in a cyber cafe i was sleeping working and eating there i was doing all the work and all that work for only $250 a month includes nothing no health care or even a glass of water i had to buy everything with that paycheck and during that time I learned about the concept of PPV marketing, and how it works, I thought sending traffic to a website is something I can do i also didn't have to convince anyone to use their credit card and pay me anything all i had to do is to send interested people about certain products to the owner of that product and they will do the rest and all i will do is cashing my commissions.

i just couldn't believe how easy it is, so i started my first campaign in the dating niche but i didn't expect any earnings at all from it.

But my first campaign ROI was so high it will look taller than the statue of liberty

I am telling you, that feeling was insane!

now i have the proof that i can make money online using PPV

and after 1 month 30 days i made over $50,000 using only the ppv method alone nothing else

and in the upcoming months I put all my effort into mastering PPV marketing so i learned all i could about this amazing industry and NOW as i am talking to you it turned out to be the right decision.

And here i am today a full-time PPV marketer I coached and consulted thousands of students and businesses, sold more than 1,000,000 online courses last year and built more than 50 online businesses through the years.

I love what i do and you will love it too and i can promise you that your life will be transformed.

Ready? Then let me take you with me on a journey to wealth, Success and happiness!

Dr. Richard Williams

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