Cha~zay Sandhriel Ph.D.

Author & Facilitator, Host of 'The Core Freedom Show'

Growing up in the Swiss Alps I remember resting my head on the window sill and wondering what the world looked like on the other side of those beautiful, snow capped mountains. This insatiable curiosity of “what's on the other side" drove me to start traveling at an early age and ask endless questions of why life works the way it does.

Over the years, I'm a half a century old (did I really just say that?), I have built a significant tool box; which I am opening to you here at Udemy, one tool at a time.

I started my professional career working for the Swiss Government and the Private Swiss Banking Industry. My path led me to Silicon Valley where I became a start-up expert assisting European based technology companies launch into the American market. Using intuition and common sense I built successful teams with a turn-over rate of less than one percent (industry average is 10-20%).

I left the corporate world in 2002 to build my own multi-million dollar real estate development and coaching firm. I spoke on stage with Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) and was a Learning Annex instructor for several years.

My life changed tragically when I turned 40 and the “diarrhea hit the fan," so to speak. While some would call the things that happened a tragedy, I see 'failure' as an opportunity to start over and rebuild something from scratch. And that's exactly what I did. Don't get me wrong, it took years for me to finish licking my wounds, but in hindsight, starting over was the greatest blessing in disguise.

Today, I have merged my knowledge of the business world with my intuitive side. I run a successful online business with over 20 passive, generous income streams. I have over 10,000 Youtube subscribers with over 1.6 million views. I run a worldwide, private community, have my own podcast show and appear on radio shows with millions of people.

And I am handing it all to you for the tasting!

My mission is lofty: Ultimately I am dedicated to the evolution of your soul. What I offer is simple: Wisdom for your soul and practical tools for life.

Let me assure you that my journey was not a cake-walk and it did not happen overnight.

  1. I have lived the luxurious lifestyle; water front property along with the toys and the big, fancy car and I have also lived on social services.
  2. I have built and managed a multi-million dollar company and also been homeless for seven months, sleeping in the car.
  3. There were times when I could buy anything I wanted and times when I couldn't even afford a used blanket from the Goodwill store, just to stay warm.

I know both spectrums of living a life of plenty and living a life not even having enough pennies to buy myself a hot cup of tea.

More importantly, and if you are retaining anything from this page, it would be this: I know what it's like to celebrate life heeding my intuition and I know the consequences of going against gut instinct. I know the fruits that can come from working with your higher self or pushing the river and force your intellect against your intuition. Ultimately, my goal here is to help you build a life that gives you freedom at your core. And freedom is plentiful when we work with intuition.

I look forward to helping you in finding your own true gift, your voice, your message, your wisdom.

Supporting Micro-Entrepreneurship:

I love, love, love micro-entrepreneurship and believe that it is the way to go for most people in today's world. Hence, I'm an angel investor for micro-entrepreneurs living in third world countries. I invest in Kiva and a portion of my proceeds from my course sales go to support entrepreneurs from around the world.

PS: I generally invest in mothers with a food business that supports the vegetarian life style.

Some Other Facts and Figures:

Further Education:

  1. Ph.D., Metaphysical Sciences
  2. Ph.D., Holistic Life Coaching
  3. BS, Business Management (candidate)
  4. Reiki Master
  5. Certified Hypnotist
  6. Certified Grief and Suicide Hotline Counselor
  7. Certified Business English Teacher


  1. Swiss German
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. English
  6. Spanish
  7. Sign Language

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