Dr. Till Noethel

Business & Purpose Coach

In my first career life I worked as a successful and career-driven manager for 15 years (yes, exactly, the business travel in first class hotels around the world – the cars – the designer flat at the beach – the coveted job title) and enjoyed contributing world-famous enterprises such as Red Bull to become more successful. In 2006 I faced a burn out and a drastic turn took place in my life. I was ready for change and truly blessed to encounter and work with awake, inspiring teachers and masters. These encounters, as well as working with my later mentor and coaching instructor, have led me on the path of my deepest vocation.

Since 2006, I have been working as a transformational coach, trainer and speaker. Every year I support countless people to find the better job by connecting them to their true SELF, their inner visions and powers from within. 

I have been trained and qualified in Integral Training & Coaching, Hi Performance Coaching, Transformation and Vision Coaching, Humanistic Psychology, Interpersonal Transparency, Hypnosis, Transpersonal Psychology, NLP, Leadership (Self-Management & Soul Leadership), Active and Receptive Listening, Presence and Meditation Practice. I thus come from business, psychology and mysticism in equal measures. Accordingly, my seminars and teachings are influenced by this professionalism.

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