Dr Prem Kumar Shanmugam

Clinical Director at the Solace Sabah Retreat

Prem is one of the founding members and the Regional Director of the Asia Pacific Certification Board (APCB). APCB is actively involved in certifying addiction counsellors/therapists around the Asia Pacific Region. He also acts as the President of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Association of Singapore, while being one of the founding members as well. He currently is the CEO and Clinical Director of Solace Sabah (www.solacesabah.com)

Areas of research interest:

  • Psychosocial Substance Abuse Treatment Programme
  • Experiential Based Substance Abuse Treatment Programmes for Youth At Risk
  • Positive Effects in Treatment Identifying Motivation to Change
  • Culture Specific Influence on Treatment
  • Substance Abuse and Cormorbid Disorders

Papers presented:

Asia Pacific Behavioural Addiction Medicine 2010 - Efficacy of FIRE - Treatment Programme for Substance Abusers in Singapore.
A Psycho-educational Treatment Programme for Prisoners with substance abuse-related offences; a between subjects experimental study.
Facilitated Recovery Enabled Education - Evaluation Study - presented at Addictions Conference in Tasmania 2011.
Asia Pacific Behavioural Addiction Medicine 2013 – The Three Circles Approach in Counselling in Singapore.
Addiction treatment for LGBT Community – Kuching, Sarawak 2013.
Asia Pacific Certification Board Accreditation Workshops – Port Dickson 2012, Pulau Pinang 2012, Kuala Lumpur 2011, Chiang Mai 2013.
Contemporary Psychotherapy – Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore 2012.
Papers published

Shanmugam, P.K. & Winslow, M. (2012) Evaluation of the Facilitated In-house Recovery Education (FIRE) Treatment Programme for Substance Abusers. Journal of Counselling, Australia. 12 (3) 12 - 15.

Shanmugam, P.K. & Winslow, M. (2013) Integrated Psychosocial Treatment Programme for Substance Abusers: Relapse Prevention and Social Anxiety Diminution: A Systematic Review of Published Literature. Journal of Addiction Research Therapy.

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