Dr. Dionna Hancock-Johnson


DR. DIONNA HANCOCK-JOHNSON, MS, LSC, EdD is a certified celebrity life coach, psychologist, motivational speaker, mother of two, wife and author of two best sellers (BE YOUR OWN LIFE COACH: HOW TO LIFE COACH YOURSELF INTO WHAT YOU WANT AND WHERE DID MY HALF BROTHER COME FROM?). Dr. Dionna has a passion to help others reach their full potential by using simple and strategic techniques to goal setting. Dr. Dionna’s model teaches simple tactics to overcome life challenges to become mentally and physically successful. Clients learn how to visualize their ultimate goals, make plans towards them, and begin acting on them today!

Born and raised in Washington, DC, she grew up very poor and has been through troubling storms, including being molested, physically abused, bullied, kidnapped, and living in a car for a short period of time because of no family support. 

See growing up, Dr. Dionna was the oldest of 8 siblings and didn’t really have time to focus on dreaming like other people, but she did have opportunities to want to take herself out of the situation she was growing through. She learned how to life coach herself through believing in herself, believing in God, and staying focused. She felt like she had to be the one to change things for her family; to be the first to get out; to leave DC, to go to school in Oregon and just keep moving. She hasn’t looked back ever sense. 

At only 30, Dr. Dionna completed her Doctorate of Education (EdD) in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Counselor Education and Supervision from Argosy University in Washington, DC. She also gained additional certification as a Life Strategies Coach (LSC) in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Dr. Dionna also has a double BA in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Oregon and MS in Human Development and Family Studies with a specialization in Family Studies from Iowa State University. 

At only 34, Dr. Dionna opened her first corporation, Dr. Dionna Hancock International Corporation, the holding company for her business Energetic Life Coaching, LLC, which opened in 2010.  She recently completed a book tour, with signings at thirteen book stores all across California and Bowie, MD. She has spoken at many venue's to many teens, young adults and drug addicts across the United States on motivation, being successful in life and other various self-help topics. 

Dr. Dionna has been an instructor since 2002 and has taught courses in Psychology, Education, Counseling, Child & Family Development, Human Development & Family Studies, Personal Development and Life Coaching. 

Dr. Dionna is truly an inspiration, looking to set the stage for others who have been through tough life situations, are struggling with success or finding the path their heart’s desire. Dr. Dionna is considered the “Life Strategies Queen” to her celebrity clients and peers because she can help anyone overcome hardships and step into happiness in no time. Dr. Dionna’s brand teaches others how to make life work for them and basically BE THEIR OWN LIFE COACH.

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