Douglas Depte

Financial Analyst|9-5 Warrior Real Estate Investor

Douglas has over 8 years of investing and financial analytic experience. He graduated in 2008 from the University of Delaware with a degree in finance. Even though the degree allowed him to land an analyst role at Bank of America, it came with a sizable price tag.

Douglas was determined to find a way to free himself from the Student Loan Debt he accumulated while in college. He eventually discovered the power of Real Estate, which allowed him to erase his student loan debt with the purchase of his first house.

Shortly after acquiring his first property, he developed a passion for real estate investing, which propelled him to form his investment company, FLD Properties Inc. In a few short years, Douglas was able to accumulate over $1.5 million of Real Estate, yielding significant cash flow returns.

Douglas has a goal of eliminating the student loan crisis by teaching as many people willing to learn the "system" his best friend and he created.