Doug Dennison

Email marketing enthusiast.

Doug is CEO at MailNinja, a UK email marketing agency with over 10 years experience and expertise.

Since I launched MailNinja in 2005, I've been working hard to build a profitable business with strong ethics and a fanatical desire to make email work for our global client base.

Rooted in my passion for email marketing, I've seen first hand how powerful it can be as a marketing channel, so i've made it my core mission as chief Ninja to focus solely on email. We aren't just an agency, nor are we a digital agency. We aren't even a marketing agency - we're an email marketing agency. This ultimately is our USP, and always will be.

Having a team of email experts in house with varying skills means I am able to step sideways (not back), and focus on new services, product development and content strategy that help take MailNinja into new places.

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