Bogdan Vacaru

System Engineer

Hello all,

My name is  Bogdan Vacaru , I am a System Engineer with more than 8 years experience in IT.

Throughout my career   I have been working with on  different fields of the IT industry  for different companies- Wipro Technologies , Microsoft, Dell Services, PTC-  which enabled me  to get in contact with different tools and methodologies .

I have created this  course so that we can all have a good look on how   an application is being created , tested , transformed, deployed  and maintained at a corporate business level.

After joining  this course you will be able  install  and configure your own ALM system as well as identifying and processing the components of an ALM environment.

The course stars from the basic question What is ALM? and lecture by lecture we’re going to define and identify the aspects of the Application Lifecycle Management.

We’re going to build up our own server, database and client and we’re going to use them to set in motion the principles of the ALM process .

We’ll learn how to create Inputs, Requirements, Specifications,  Test Cases , how to  report and resolve defects , all that using the same framework: The Integrity LifeCycle Management  tool.

So, whether you are a fresh graduate, developer or engineer   , by taking this course you will able to have that extra “know how “ which will prove very  important at an  interview , at your work place or  or a new job. 

So lets get started !

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